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Womens Fashion Wearing The Perfect Suit

As I sat on 17:58 train home, with one eye looking through the fashion pages of thelondonpaper and other mentally caressing the blonde in black seat facing me to my right, it soon hit me how uncanny the resemblance between the blonde and model in the paper is. Just like the model, my beautiful blonde was dressed in all black but unlike the model, she was wearing a black long sleeve shirt, a knee length skirt with splits running all through to her thighs which were delicately encased in a pair of silk fishnets all underneath a trench coat and on her cute feet were a pair of flip-flops! Flip-flops; what a sacrilege, what an abomination! I have, in recent years, noticed more and more UK women have 'bastardised' the art of dressing. Yes, fashion evolves but a lady must always be a lady.

From the ghetto chick to Chelsea jetset, what defines the outward femininity of a woman is the grace by which she carries herself and this is mostly conveyed through her attire. I have a natural disdain for any woman, no matter how beautiful she is or how rich she may be, that clothes herself in a poorly assembled frock. My particular beef is with what some women wear to work. I am of the school that believes that unless your job requires you to wear a uniform, Mondays - Thursdays are for business suits; skirt suits and trouser suits, and Fridays carry a more relaxed air, smart casuals only.

The perfect business suit doesn't have to cost an arm and leg neither does it only have to come in black. The perfect suit is a product of a blend of a refined fabric and perfect cut. I appreciate that not everyone will be able to afford a bespoke trouser suit but by just taking the pain to properly measure yourself before going out to buy that lovely skirt suit you really want will make a world of difference in how it sits on you.

Taking the right measurements is even more important when buying online. Every professional woman should have at least a couple each of skirt suit and trouser suit in her wardrobe although the number of each that you buy is largely dependent on your preference whether skirt or trouser suit. It is also important to have at least 10 long sleeve shirts to complement your suits. Wearing a new shirt everyday for 2 weeks gives the impression that one has more than 4 suits! Shirts with double cuffs always give an added sharpness to every suit. There are no rules as to the type of shoes to wear with your suit although some people including some professional stylists take the view that high heels are best with trouser suit and pumps with a skirt suit.

I would rather say the best shoe for your suit is that shoe that fits, is comfortable and accessorizes your suit well. It is important to stress that your shoes and bag colour must match and if you are using a belt, it too must match your shoes is colour. Remember, a well-fitting and finely cut suit creates a sophisticated appearance; a sophisticated appearance boosts confidence; confidence makes one an achiever.

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