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How to put on and style african american wigs

Whether they chose cheap wigs or very expensive ones, all new wig owners raise a few questions about how they should handle and style their new fashion accessories. As with every new purchased item, people want to know how to use and take care of their wigs in order to maximize their investment. African american wigs are worn just like any other wigs, although long-length hairpieces may require a bit more effort at first. In order to put on a wig correctly you will first need to give it a gentle shake.

Then you will need to identify the back and the front of the wig. There may also be some Velcro tabs or hook tabs used for sizing but for now you should ignore them; they are to be adjusted later, if necessary. Next you should place the wig on a flat surface so that you are looking on the inside of it. Even cheap wigs have the label sewn to the inside, so make sure it is at the top (labels are always sewn at the back of the wig).

Place your hands on each side of the label and grasp the wig. Slip it over your head; always start at the hairline and then towards the neck. If you do this correctly you will have the front of the wig lying on the front hairline. The wig should feels snug but not overly tight; if you need to, you can use the fitting tabs to adjust the size.

Once you have mastered the technique of putting on your wig properly, you are ready to style it. Remember that styling greatly depends on the type of hair that the wig is made of. Cheap wigs are made from synthetic hair, while expensive ones are made with either a combination of synthetic and human hair, or 100% human hair. You can style your wig using a wig brush, comb or even your fingernails. You should know that there are brushes and combs especially designed for wigs; never use hair tools designed for human hair as they can create tension that can damage the hair.

You should also avoid combing curly african american wigs as this is likely to deteriorate the style. The simplest thing you can do to style your wig is to spray some cool, clean water over it. This removes static electricity and makes the wig return to its original style. You can also use some mousse or styling gel that is designed for wigs. If you have a straight wig you can simply mousse it and brush lightly; or you could add height by lifting the hair with the wig comb.

For curly african american wigs you should hand scrunch and then pick the style into curls. Don't worry if you are not satisfied with the results; you can wash the wig and allow it to dry over night and it will return to its initial look. Styling wigs should be limited to simple procedures.

Even cheap wigs have had their hairs ventilated much like how real hair grows, so dramatically changing the wig style will only damage it permanently. However, if you still wish to significantly restyle your wig it is recommended that you take it to a professional stylist.

African american wigs are as easy to put on as other types of wigs; the problem with long wigs is they can tangle a bit at first. But once you know how to do it you can start to style it; your new look will be very natural and only a practiced eye will be able to tell the difference between cheap wigs and pricier ones.

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