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Hair Conditioning Tips and Advice

Hair care is an overall term for parts of hygiene and cosmetology involving the hair on the human head. Hair conditioner is a hair care product that alters the texture and appearance of human hair. Conditioning is mainly used for dry hair because it adds natural oil supply. It makes dry hair shiny. For oily hairs mild conditioner should be used and that too at the ends of your hair. It is like giving nourishment treatment to hairs.

For centuries, Natural oils have been used to condition human hair. These natural products are still used today, including essential oils such as tea tree oil and carrier oils such as jojoba oil. There are several types of hair conditioning. Pack conditioners, heavy and thick, with high content of surfactants able to bind to the hair structure and "glue" the hair surface scales together.

These are usually applied to the hair for longer time. Hold conditioners, based on atom polyelectrolyte polymers, holding the hair in a desired shape. These have both the function and the composition similar to diluted hair gels. Leave-in conditioners, thinner, containing different surfactants, adding only a little material to the hair. They are based on unsaturated chains, which are bent rather than straight.

This shape makes them less liable to crystallizing, making a lighter, less viscous mixture and providing significantly thinner layer on the hair. Some important method when you apply conditioning. Remove the excess water from hair after shampooing your hair. Then remove tangles from hair by combing.

Rub the conditioner with your fingers on hairs. Now gently massage the hair to loosen the conditioner. Hair Conditioning Tips 1. Hair conditioners can coat the hair with a lubricant or synthetic that replaces the stripped out sebum.

2. Hair conditioners are used to smooth the cuticle and restore sheen to the hair. 3. Avoid using shampoos that will strip your hair and leave it dry.

4. For the better effect of conditioners that you have applied, wear a hat in the sun. 5. Before applying conditioners, dry your hair gently, by blotting and squeezing, not rubbing. 6.

Never brush wet hair. Instead, use a wide-tooth comb.

Juliet Cohen writes articles for skin care blog and hairstyles picture. She also writes articles for celebrity hairstyles.

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Hair Conditioning Tips and Advice - Hair care is an overall term for parts of hygiene and cosmetology involving the hair on the human head.

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