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Visiting a Hair Salon

Visiting a hair salon can be a very scary and daunting task for some people girls and boys, women and men. It may be because they've had a scary experience in the past maybe the hairdresser cut the hair wrong, the hairdresser didn't do what the client told them too, wrong colour or even an allergic reaction to the bleach or colour. Whatever your reasons I have 10 steps in which I hope will help you get over your phobia of visiting a hair salon: 1. Only go to reputable salons ? a recommendation by a friend or family member is always a good start 2.

If you're having colour on your hair insist on a skin test ? a skin test is when a small amount of bleach or colorant is placed on your skin to see if you have a reaction, a reaction can be itching, blistering and or redness. A skin test is done at least a week before any hair appointment. 3. Tell the hairdresser exactly what style you want ? if you have an idea what you want your hair to look like and have a picture take it to the hairdressers with you this will not only put your mind at rest but will help the hairdresser too. 4.

Tell the hairdresser what you don't want ? if you don't like one particular style tell the hairdresser, if you go into a hairdressers and say do anything you feel would look good but you hate one particular style, make sure u tell them. 5. If you want 1 or 2 inches off your hair and that's all tell them ? if you've gone to the hairdressers just to have an inch or tow off your hair tell the hairdresser that's all you want doing.

Don't let the hairdresser sway your decision. 6. Choose a hairdresser you get on with ? in a hair salon there's always more than one stylist so choose one you like and can get on with, it will then be easier for you to talk to them telling them what you specifically want from your hair. 7. If your really nervous book with senior stylist ? senior stylists in a hair salon are stylists with more experience. They will cost more money but will listen to your every need and make sure your happy with your cut and or colour.

8. Only want your hair done but bombarded with extras available ? most hair salons now offer not only hair services but nail treatments, tanning, make-up services etc. if you don't want any of these offered to you just make it clear in a nice manner you've come to have your hair done that's all thank you. 9. Sacred what the colour will look like ? if you want to change your hair colour, the best way is to start with 1 or 2 shades either lighter or darker of your normal hair colour.

Don't go from blonde to dark brown or dark brown to bright blonde, you need to do it gradually. 10. Go for a consultation before you book ? if your still unsure why not book a consultation with the hairdresser of your choice and tell them exactly how you feel, if you're scared explain why.

They will then give you advice on what styles and colours would suit you, then you can give it a think before your actual appointment.

Jene Pedder is the Webmaster of Inanch Hair Design who are based in London and specialise in Hair Straightening.

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