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Venture into wholesale jewelry

If creativity is your skill along with a great taste for style and flair, you can launch your own online business - making and selling jewelry wholesale. People have an instinct to look unique; they look for jewelry that is unique - one-of-a-kind pieces that nobody else in the world owns! Taking a queue from the human desire to own unique jewelry any body can make quite a lot of money - simply launch a jewelry wholesale company.
Any body can order for wholesale supplies from any company around the globe online - at really low prices. It is important to know the total buying cost of each piece, including any expenses involving shipping to you.

You can easily calculate and fix your prices by adding 15 per cent to the buying cost.
You can sell these pieces in a variety of ways. You ca neither open an online wholesale jewelry set up, supply to local stores, display and sell at rented kiosks at local flea markets and fairs, or advertise jewelry making skills and take orders to create unique pieces. You can also sell your pieces at different boutiques.

Create with outstanding quality. Select the highest quality gems and stones and through great craftsmanship create a master piece. Never make two pieces alike. Be innovative and exclusive, and more people will purchase your pieces.
You can also make hundreds of identical pieces, as they are ordered.

You make a very unique, high quality piece, and show it to local jewelry stores. Take the order and make in bulk.
Another option is to create a small catalog along with pictures and description of the products. You can distribute these catalogs to the prospective buyers.
The venture requires creativity coupled with the ability to market the products.

Wholesale jewelry creates an intimate relationship between artist and consumer. It offers a chance for everyone to afford good quality jewelry being reasonably priced. Once a design is created and approved several copies are produced.

The wholesale jewelry has a large market as it can be sold in different ways including online marketing. The mass-produced jewelry benefits the artist as designs reach a larger customer base. The artist must first come up with a creative design. The wholesale jewelry is capable of marketing some beautiful pieces, using various materials. The customers ignore the fact that initial design of a mass produced item does have the creativity of a talented artist. In fact, the very first edition created is highly valued.

Subsequent production for the same design will use the same mold and sold at a lower price.
The craftsmanship of a piece varies from good to bad, which in turn is influenced by the market price. Wholesale 925 silver jewelry, for instance, is produced by a mechanized process. It is possible to add good hand finishing in the final production phase and improve the quality of the jewelry. It is avoided in most cases as it adds to the price tag.

Wholesale jewelry made with gemstones like aquamarine, tourmaline, ruby and sapphire are quite expensive with a limited market.
Presently, it is also very common to replicate pieces that have been made famous by celebrities. Celebrity culture produces people who collect replicas of things such as Jennifer Lopezs canary yellow diamond ring from her engagement to Ben Affleck. Such a ring being expensive would not be affordable for the common people. But the wholesale jewelry makes it possible to live with that fantasy.

The pieces are replicated with economical materials and marketed at a considerably low price keeping the sentimental value of the piece.
The internet and other sources offer access to wholesale jewelry companies selling jewelry at very competitive prices. But there is a difference between online jewelry stores and online wholesale companies. Most online jewelry stores sell jewelry at retail prices.

When buying online, make it sure that you are buying the real thing, even if they boast to be authentic. Beware of words like gold plated or realistic. This is an indication that the jewelry isnt real gold, or stones are artificial.

Some wholesalers will only sell in bulk. In these cases, one has to choose the quantity. Often the companies have a minimum value.



About the Author (text)Azhar Saeed is an analyst and Director, Research dental insurance billing

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