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Various Hats And Caps Styles You Can Choose

There are plenty of hat styles to choose from and each one has a different look, feel and function altogether. Here we talk about some of the most popular hats as well as caps, the difference between a hat and a cap and the styles offered. A hat and cap are not the same Most people tend to use the terms hat and cap interchangeably. However, each of them is very different from the other.

A cap is usually a snugly fitting accessory which fits tightly on the head. On the other hand a hat is much looser. A cap will also never have a brim around its sides while a hat will always have a wide or narrow rim on all sides.

A brim is a flattened edge that is found on the entire circumference of the hat. The only extension found on a cap will usually be the front brim which is used to provide shade to the face. However, hats come in many fancy forms and even the kind of brims found on them will differ. Also, while a cap is mostly worn on casual occasions, a hat is mostly worn during formal functions and events. In the olden days hats were a mandatory requirement for women in order to show their married status.

Fur hats These hats are ultra stylish and made of faux or genuine fur. These look very feminine and are great for social dos and events. Some hats are made from rabbit fur while others are made from artificial fur. These help to accentuate your feminine and flirty side! Derbys These are hats worn during Derby events. These usually have a stiff brim on all sides usually measuring around an inch and a half in thickness. On top the hat is stiff and sits like a semi circle on the head.

These derbies have been worn by women since the olden days when it was fashionable to accompany their husbands on horse betting sprees. Dress hats These hats can be made of felt, straw or any other material. These are mostly worn by men as they are more masculine in appearance with rigid and straight lines. Winter hats These are hats that have been specially designed for the cold winter months. Therefore, the materials typically used in such hats range from wool, leather to even mink! Sometimes even fur maybe used for such winter hats. Summer hats Just as there are hats for the winter there are also hats for the hot, summer months.

These will usually be made of lightweight fabrics like cotton which facilitate good ventilation and dissipation of moisture as well as heat. Some may even have a small bow at the bottom to enable the wearer to tie the hat under the chin. Western hats These are hats usually worn by cowboys. You would have seen them in the old John Wayne movies of the West.

These are made of classic brown leather and lend a certain charm and allure to any man who dares to be a rebel. Specialty hats These are hats which are designed depending on the specific occasion at hand. For example: many magicians have been known to wear specialty hats as have many performers and stage artists. Chauffers have been known to wear a variant of the specialty hat which is called chaufferâ??s cap. Sometimes, even a variety called the top hat falls under this category.

It is very slim around the circumference which means that there is hardly any brim. Instead, the top portion of the hat is rather high. Panama hats These are casual and chic and almost make you look like you came straight from the beach. Mostly worn by men these panama hats never fail to make heads turn. You will find plenty of styles in such hats such as the wide-brimmed hat to the retro look of the pinch-crown.

The open-crown style is also quite popular. Usually the panama hats are worn during summer months and hot climate and the wide brim protects the face from the sunâ??s rays. Fedora hats Fedora hats are made of felt, wool or even fur and are worn by men. The brim on these hats is usually much wider than found on average. The felt will usually have a soft texture and the crown has a crease on the top center portion.

Towards the front portion of crown region, there is a small pinch located. Berets These fall under the category of caps and are made of a soft material like wool or felt and have a flat crown. These originated from France and today are worn by women as well as men.

They usually tilt towards one side. Bucket hat This kind of hat usually is made of soft cotton and has a brim that slopes down and is wide in circumference. Flat cap As the name suggests the flat cap is comprised of a small brim at the front portion. The cap is soft and is round in shape and is mostly worn by men.

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