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Tanning Bed Bulbs Should you Replace them Yourself

When it comes to tanning bed bulbs, many tanning bed owners are unsure as to which tanning bed bulbs they should purchase. This information is easily found, using several different methods. Many owners are afraid of purchasing the wrong bulbs, and instead rely on their tanning bed dealer to get them the correct bulbs, and in many cases, they even rely on the dealer to come to their location to install the bulbs! As a tanning bed owner, this is a bad dependency to have. First, as a tanning bed owner, you should be able to change your own bulbs, and do general maintenance on your tanning bed. This is true whether you are a home tanning bed owner or a tanning salon owner.

You will find that knowing how to properly maintain your bed will save you a ton of money in the long run - and you won't have to depend on a dealer that may or may not still be in business in the future! Determining what bulbs you need is really very easy, and it can be done in one of several ways. First, you can simply ask your dealer what brand and type of bulbs he or she is using in your bed. Write the information down. Another option is to consult your owner's manual. The third option is to get the information off of the bulbs that are currently in your tanning bed. The information about the brand and type of bulb is printed in very small letters near the end of the bulbs.

Again, write the information down. A final option is to simply know exactly what make and model your tanning bed is. Not all bulbs will work for all tanning beds. Therefore, wholesalers of bulbs can easily determine which bulbs you need, based on the bed that you own.

Many of the wholesalers who have websites even offer a 'lamp wizard' on their website to help you determine which bulbs you need for your bed - again, the information is determined by entering in information about your bed.mainly the make and model of the bed. Once you determine which bulbs you need, write the information down, and put it in a safe place. This way, the next time you need bulbs, you won't have to go searching for that information. Once you know which bulbs you need, you will save money by finding a wholesale tanning supplier.

These suppliers are really very easy to find. Simply do a search for wholesale tanning supplies with any search engine. Most of the better wholesale suppliers will sell bulbs for all makes and models. Ordering the bulbs in bulk - by the case - will save you even more money in most cases. Many wholesalers even sell light kits, which will give you replacement bulbs for your whole bed, as opposed to just one light. You will simply just need to enter in the make and model of your bed, choose how many bulbs you want to purchase, and then enter in your payment details and shipping information in most cases.

Many wholesalers offer free shipping, especially for large orders. You can also find wholesalers that offer free tanning lotion with each purchase! Purchasing bulbs through a wholesaler is quite safe. This is how your dealer purchases the bulbs - before marking the price up.

In most cases, you will find that your bulbs arrive in a very short time, and in perfect shape. However, it is important to find a wholesaler who has a money back guarantee, or at the very least an exchange policy that protects you against damaged bulbs. Most of the reputable wholesalers will offer guarantees, and will have refund and exchange policies in place.

Make sure that you read those policies before making your purchase! Again, tanning bed bulbs should not become an investment that is as large as the investment you made in the tanning bed in the first place! Dealers simply charge too much for the bulbs, and you can buy them yourself through a wholesaler - and you can even change the bulbs yourself! Break the dependency you have on your dealer - and save money in the process. In the long run, you will be very glad that you did!. provides you with info on how to determine what the best tanning beds are and where you can get suplies such as tanning beds bulbs, lotions and bed parts, come check us out at:

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