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Protecting your Hair

Is you hair frizzy, uncontrollable, have lots of split ends, feels horrible, is greasy and or just looks and feels a mess. If so I might have some helpful tips for you. My hair used to get really frizzy when I blow dried it after I had washed it and the split ends could be seen easily, it felt like a fake wig sometimes. It didn't feel soft to touch and it looked a mess whatever I did, then the good old hair straightners came out.

I went and purchased a pair of pink ones think they cost 20, they took a long time to heat up, but when they did I could not only straighten my hair but get rid of the frizz that took over my head. I loved my hair straightners and proberly used them most days, but then I noticed my split ends had got worse and I had them half way up my hair not only on the ends, I didn't know what to do. Luckily it was summer and I had gone on holiday I had taken my hair straightners but couldn't be bothered to actually use them so I let my hair dry itself. After tow weeks of letting my hair dry naturally without the use of a hairdryer or my hair straightners I noticed my hair had calmed down, there was shine and it felt so soft. Following my holiday I kept letting my hair dry naturally and I couldn't believe the difference my hair was suddenly looking really good, soft to touch, less split ends and no frizz. The more weeks I didn't blow-dry and straighten my hair the better my hair got so for months I rarely got out my straightners and if I did it was only to straighten out the front bits of my hair, but then winter came.

I struggled to let my hair dry naturally as it was taking hours to dry and if I did go out I would of proberly caught a cold so I began to blow-dry my hair again. I decided not to use my straightners the day I blow-dried my hair if this was possible as I found this helped a lot. If I was going out or wanted my hair to look good I did use my hair straightners but not for ages just a few swipes through my hair and it was done. I have now been doing this for the past two years and I still can't believe the difference in my hair. It feels so soft, it looks good, yeah I still get split ends but I can cope with them as there just mainly on the ends now not half way up my hair and the frizz has completely gone I don't get it anyway which is fab.

I hear so many adverts, advertisements in magazines saying use this product this will protect your hair when blow drying and straightening but I just can't use any of these products as there too heavy for my hair. I have tried so many different products but they all do the same make my hair feel heavy, not nice and it gets a lot greasier quicker which is something I can't stand. So if your like me forget the products, try and do what I do allow your hair to dry naturally at least once a week whatever the weather, don't straighten your hair directly after blow-drying it wait if you can to the next day and if you do have to straighten your hair everyday only do it quickly don't spend ages doing it, your hurting your hair!!!!.

Jene Pedder is the Webmaster of Inanch who specialize in Hair Treatments .

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