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Know The Best Hair Regrowth Products By Knowing The Ingredients

Alopecia is a big problem for most men and the predicament has been scraping the scalp of women too. Hair has always been described as one's crowning glory; so loss or thinning of hair can lead to loss of self-respect. Luckily, hair regrowth products are now easily available. And while it is true that some are nothing but quack remedy, there are hair regrowth products that do work. There are thousands of hair regrowth products in the market and to choose the best one can make you lose more hair.

Instead, why not judge them based on their ingredients? More likely, the best hair products being sold in cosmetic shops and supermarkets have similar ingredients. If you are looking for the best hair regrowth products, always remember that treatments that make use of natural elements are always the most effective. To help you in deciding which hair regrowth product is the best, always read the ingredients printed at the back of the bottle and make sure that most or all of the following ingredients are present.

Saw Palmetto Saw palmetto berries have sterols and fatty acids that can help in hair growth. This plant is similar to palms and is found in abundance in North America. Saw palmetto is basically an inhibitor of dihydrotestosterone or DHT, an androgen that plays a significant role in the thinning or loss of hair. The extracts from this plant can decrease the level of DHT being absorbed by hair follicles; hence, the follicles can again start the process of growing hair.

Borage Seed Oil A substance known as gamma linoleic acid is a good fatty acid that produces prostaglandin which, in turn, can help delay hair recession in men. While plants like black currant and evening primrose are also good sources for gamma linoleic acid, studies have shown that borage seeds have the richest levels of the good fatty acid. A measured portion of up to 500 milligrams of borage seeds everyday may be able to prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth instead. Green Tea Extract The catechin substance found in tea is known to block certain enzymes in the body that can trigger hair loss or thinning. Although all types of tea come from the same species in the plant kingdom, green tea is said to have the most potent contents of catechins because it is produced without the need for fermentation or drying. Extract from green tea is known to have antibacterial and antiseptic properties; but more than these characteristics, green tea extract is rich in nutrients that help nourish follicles and ensure healthy hair growth.

It has also been used to fight off dandruff. Habanero Finally, one of the most effective extracts that can help you grow your hair comes from habanero, which is a type of small and extremely hot tropical pepper. Habanero is proven to stimulate the flow of blood to the follicles. This speeding up of blood flow provides the follicles with more nutrients and it also hastens the division of cells that result to improved hair growth.

One final note before you go on a shopping spree for products that can help you grow back your hair; keep in mind that lifestyle can be a contributing factor in baldness. So you might want to complement your choice of the best hair regrowth products with a change in some aspects of your lifestyle. Doing so will increase your countermeasures against the advancement of baldness up your head.

About the author: John Tulley manages the Alpha7 Provillus hair regrowth web site. Our web site has more detailed information on the most effective herbs an vitamins for hair loss.

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