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Inking New Frontiers with Small Feminine Tattoos

Tattoos are becoming very popular throughout the United States. Previously, cultural taboos precluded many people, except perhaps rock stars or servicemen or bikers, from getting tattoos. Perhaps you might be surprised to learn that these barriers are being removed.

Today, increasing numbers of women are braving the tattoo parlors, and they often choose small feminine tattoos. The wonderful thing about tattoos is how much individuality you can demonstrate through them. For example, a tattoo doesn't just have to be your name in plain script anymore. You can choose to embellish your initials with flowers or butterflies, or with your favorite colors. If you like elaborate cursive scripts, you can ask your tattoo artist to use one of these scripts.

It's sure to accent your femininity. The size of tattoos also varies widely. People who want to get tattoos, but are concerned about the potential fallout, still have many options. Tattoos can be small, and located on the foot or back or stomach, and employers and colleagues won't even be able to see them! If you think that tattoos are not feminine, think again! A small tattoo can be a wonderful way of accenting your most feminine features. A small butterfly or rose on the small of your back can draw attention to your sensuous curves. A sun or other ring around your navel can be an incredibly sexy turn-on.

Do you consider yourself religious? If so, you can show just how important your spirituality is by getting a tattoo that represents its importance to you. Some Christian women choose to get small crosses tattooed on their bodies to remind them of Jesus' sacrifice. Some women who practice Asian religions may tattoo the yin-yang symbol to remind them of the importance of balance. Some Jewish women may tattoo the Star of David to tie them to their ancient tradition's history and lineage.

Do your research carefully if you are considering having a tattoo done. Keep safety first and foremost in your thoughts. Even if you just want to get a small tattoo inked, this still increases your risk for infection.

Therefore, choose a clean studio that follows all the necessary health regulations. Even though the large majority of tattoo parlors are completely safe, it is wisest to be completely sure. Meet with the artist prior to your appointment to discuss the details of the design you desire. Ensure that the artist is completely clear about what you want; you may even think about bringing a drawing to offer an example of your idea.

Because it is your body and your money, take care to see that you get what you pay for. In recent years the American tattoo culture has changed profoundly. The tattoo game isn't only for men any more. Today, women are able to choose for themselves, and they are more frequently choosing small feminine tattoos. You can truly reflect your individuality without sacrificing your identity.

For more ideas and designs on small feminine tattoos, please visit: Tattoo Ideas

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