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Humidity-Proof Your Hair Rescue your locks from flatness and frizz. Spring showers bring spring flowers -- and bad hair days! Seasonal rains and temperature changes can cause humidity to rise, which means frizz and flatness for most women's hair. But you can beat the humidity! Here's some tips on how to do it: If humidity makes your hair flat. First, switch to a shampoo and conditioner made for fine hair.

They won't leave a heavy residue, which can weigh hair down when made damp from the moisture in the air. Next, find a spray-on volumizer. Apply to damp roots, and blow dry with your head flipped upside down to maximize lift at the roots. Next, apply your usual styling product (try mousse, which gives hold but is light), and style as you normally would. Finish by applying a mist of flexible-hold hairspray.

Mid-Day Fix: If your hair when your hair goes lank halfway through the day, apply a bit of hairspray to the roots. Hold hair up straight with a brush while the spray dries. Then gently brush off your face and slip on a headband. If humidity makes your hair frizzy. Begin by applying a dropperful of silicone hair serum to soaking wet hair.

Use more if your hair is long or thick. Next, blot hair with a towel to remove excess moisture (Don't rub!). Now apply a smoothing balm or strong-hold gel to strands from roots to ends. Comb through. Style as you normally would. When hair is dry, rub a bit of smoothing hair cream over ends and other areas that tend to frizz.

Mid-Day Fix: When your hair fuzzes up during the day, smooth a little hand lotion over the frizzy areas. Go sparingly, or you'll wind up with that greasy look.


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