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How to Make Cocktail Dresses Even More Fashionable

In the early days, women primarily wore cocktail dresses in the evenings to fancy functions or special evening events. While still considered formal-wear, some women have been using this garment in other ways. Late afternoon and early evening functions and events have become appropriate places to wear these dresses.

You want to choose a cocktail dress that looks fashionable. In fact, you should ensure that it is fashionable for your body type. Not every woman can wear every type of formal dress. Many different dress styles exist to fit every figure. While some women could pass as a supermodel, most have a regular figure. When looking for a formal outfit, women should consider their body type so they can find a dress that complements their entire figure.

The right formal wear will accentuate a woman's figure and divert attention to the areas that are most flattering. Women who have much more flesh from the waist down should attempt to draw attention to the opposite half of their bodies (from the waist up). And a woman that is heavier on top should look for a dress that draws focus towards her lower features, such as her legs.

A "pear-shaped" woman, who is heavier at the bottom, should choose a cocktail dress that is snug without being tight at the waist. A flared appearance is ideal for the skirt part of the dress. This will help make the hips and thighs look better. A full skirt is preferable to a short one; it will provide complete coverage and prevent any embarrassing "exposure" mishaps.

The flares could be made with ruffles at the bottom or layered tiers. A different choice is a sparkling tank dress that flares slightly at the hem. Other options would include higher waistlines that cover the whole body or pairing a sleeveless or strapless top with a flared skirt. The focus on her arms would draw attention away from her hips and accentuate her figure. Buxom, top-heavy women should look for cocktail dresses that will accentuate their legs. Wearing colors that are solid would help give this illusion.

A short cocktail skirt would also draw attention to the legs. Currently, there are numerous dresses available with lengths that come to right above the knee. Showing a bit of skin at the neckline will draw focus to the cleavage. A V-neck or other plunging neckline is just the ticket. Less coverage at the top actually reveals more. This sort of dress could be accentuated with a bubbled hemline.

Many women choose to display some cleavage. Showing a little skin makes them feel sexy. Many Hollywood celebrities have been following this trend for some time now. Wearing a fashionable cocktail dress is more than simply selecting a great dress.

For a complete wardrobe, women require accessories. Women can select among earrings, bracelets, necklaces, chokers, and evening bags. The need for a choker or necklace may depend on the neckline of the dress. Ideally, a woman should begin with the dress itself so that she knows what accessories will go best with it. With just a few simple accessories, any woman can look fashionable in a cocktail dress.

Sasha LeMarcon is an independent fashion writer who goes just about everywhere in black designer cocktail dresses. Designer cocktail dresses have become the must-have fashion for most Hollywood celebrities, especially buy Nicole Miller dresses online, so Juicy Couture womens clothing have become Sasha's style as well. How does she know what's fashionable? She wears it herself.

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