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Fake Swarovski crystals

These crystals were given a perfectly precise cut in 1892; the machine that was used in order to give these perfect cuts was invented by Daniel Swarovski thus leading to the present crystals that are the most sought ones when it comes to almost every jewel designer who decides to create something similar. These crystals are widely known for their particular brilliance and sparkle; actually, they are to be considered as second to none when it comes to their craftsmanship and quality. But the buyer should also pay attention to the fact that a crystal can actually be a genuine Swarovski or not; therefore, he has to learn how to make the required difference between these two items: the real ones and the fake ones. Machine and modern technology are used in order to cut theses crystals and this particular cut has different identical facets that are likely to go in almost any direction. This aspect is accomplished thanks to the existence of a computer technology that simulates and determines the reflected light in a 3D manner. This 3D image is set with a machine that gives the final cut with its particular and wonderful brilliance.

Therefore, a perfect uniformed shape is to be expected in the case of each two sisters jewelry box; irregular shapes are not to be found in the case of a genuine crystal because all its ends are likely to be quite smooth. Each of these ends is likely to look similar to the other ones and a crystal that is not so genuine is also likely to have some variations when it comes to its actual dimensions. These dimensions will not be the same anymore and one should also consider the additional information that states the fact that a genuine crystal is likely to line up in a perfect manner; all its imitations are not likely to meet at their points and you can actually distinguish a genuine crystal from a fake one by observing its points.

A genuine two sisters jewelry box is likely to have all its points meeting; therefore, you should examine every crystal in a careful and attentive manner in order to observe the existence of possible flaws. Bubbles are not likely to be met in the case of the genuine two sisters jewelry box; if one of its crystals has some bubbles in it, that is to be regarded as a real signal that that crystal is a fake one. No scratches are to be observed either in the case of a genuine jewel; the surface should not have oily features because a swirled surface belongs to a fake crystal too. You can always choose to find out if your crystal is a real one by comparing it to a genuine one; you can actually put it right next to a genuine two sister jewelry box because such a jewelry is likely to outshine a fake one.

Something is not likely to look the same thus revealing the fact that you actually own a fake crystal that can be pretty but not genuine. Even the hologram that is to be found on each package that contains such genuine crystals is to be taken into account but this sign can actually be forgotten because all the crystals that you are likely to buy will come in bead shows, bead stores or online ones thus making it impossible for you to see their original bulk package that is likely to be marked with this particular hologram that reveals the true nature of the crystal.

The two sisters jewelry box can prove itself to be a fake it it's Swarovski crystals have irregular surface and bubbles inside their inner structure.

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