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Do Wrinkle Creams Work Thats For You To Decide

"A mirror never lies" goes a famous saying. You can apply different types of make-up to cover those wrinkles, but when you wash your face in the night before going to sleep and stand in front of the mirror, the truth becomes evident. Someone has rightly said that one can cheat everyone but not himself. Teenagers are very conscious about their looks. After all, making friends and becoming popular in their school/college is important for them. In college days, we would look up to those females who were exceptionally sexy or 'hot'.

Looking good, therefore, is important for one and all. Even after school, a woman's appearance is critical. When was the last time you saw someone with wrinkly skin and bags under their eyes on any commercial other than a sleeping aid? Exactlynever! Woman must take care of their skin, and society enforces this is beauty pageants, talent shows, etc.

But do wrinkle creams provide the miracle cures that we see on TV? Flip through the TV shopping channels, or pick up an add from almost any department store or even drug stores. You will find an innumerable listing of wrinkle creams for all over the world. This makes it a difficult task to pick the right one for you. Our skin is made of skin-cells.

These skin cells require certain proteins like "Elastin" and "Collagen". If these two proteins are not available in the desired amount, wrinkles start appearing. Wrinkle creams, therefore, must reverse the effects of aging in order to lessen wrinkles. When selecting a wrinkle cream, you have to remember that your skin condition is what will define what you need and what will work. If you have a lot of sun damage, there are creams that target this in particular.

If you tend to have dry skin, there are wrinkle creams that focus of moisturizing. Be sure to select wisely, not just based on a whim after seeing the latest miracle cream on TV. Try to get independent reviews of the creams you're considering, and ask someone working at a spa or skin care center.

No matter what, make sure that what you choose contains vitamin E, moisturizers, and sunscreen. Be patient with your expectations of results. Make sure that whatever cream you choose is made by a reputable company, and that it contains the three basic elements listed above. And give it time.

Despite the promises of results in a week, it might take longer depending on your skin's condition.

Geoff Hopkins has worked in the LifeCell industry for years. He maintains websites about LifeCell and anti aging skin care.

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