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Are You Suffering from Acne Dare to Fight to Regain Clear Skin

Fighting to regain clear skin after pimples have persistently broken out all over your face, is not an easy task. It can be a very discouraging war as well. But it is a battle that can be won if you are really motivated. Most people think that the first place you should look when you're suffering from persistent acne is for an acne treatment product that works.

But that is not a good place to begin in your war against acne. You see, the very first place you should start is at the root of the problem. Let me ask you a probing question -- are you living a truly healthy lifestyle? That's an important question to start with because as you well know, what you eat will show up on your face sooner or later. If you refuse to take responsibility for developing consistent healthy ways of living, no acne product in the world is going to cure persistent pimples in the long run! Are you really sure you want to regain the clear skin you used to take for granted? Then eat healthy foods instead of junk food. Don't forget to drink enough water each day and avoid carbonated soft drinks that are full of sugar. Be especially careful about eating too many fried foods that are filled with fat because that type of meal will really make your pimples pop out.

Since excess oil secreted by your sebaceous glands combined with bacteria produce unsightly acne, guard your intake of harmful oily treats -- such as deep fat fried foods. Think of fresh fruits and vegetables as your friends in your ongoing battle with pimples and eat plenty of these nourishing natural foods. As an acne sufferer, certain vitamins are essential to you regaining clear skin. You'll find these vitamins in vegetables and fruits, so eat lots of them. Include exercise in your new healthy lifestyle because it will not only help you lose unwanted pounds, but it will also help you to deal with excess stress in your life. And excess stress results in pimples.

When you perspire during a rigorous workout, this can help your pores to breathe. But be sure you are wearing clothing made of fabrics such as cotton that allow your perspiration to pass through them and evaporate. Women need to avoid wearing oily makeup that makes their pores even more plugged up.

And man need to be careful when they're shaving so that they don't break open their pimples and spread the bacteria. Now that you've considered some of the factors that go into a healthy lifestyle, you now may want to look for an acne treatment product. Two dermatologists who were trained at Standford invented a product called Proactiv. It's one of the most popular acne treatment products and it just might work for you. There are three steps in this popular acne treatment option.

Step number one uses benzyl peroxide to help rid the pores of bacteria that's hiding deep within the pores of the skin. It not only kills bacteria, but it also helps prevent future flare-ups of acne by removing dead skin cells. Step number two in Proactiv's arsenal of acne attackers is their toner. Its purpose is to get rid of more dead skin cells, but it is gentle to the skin. Proactiv's third step is their repairing lotion. The benzyl peroxide in this lotion helps provide additional protection against future pimple invasions even though it also is a soothing moisturizer.

There are a number of other acne treatment solutions that you might want to try as well. So be sure to start your war against acne the right way by developing a healthy lifestyle. Then try one of the acne treatment products that are designed to help you regain clear skin. So dare to fight to regain clear skin -- it will be worth it when your acne is only a nightmare in your past and not a part of your present or future.

Win your war with acne with acne product tips. Author Patricia Wagner writes about a variety of health tips to help you be healthier.

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