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Antistress Cream and Antistress Serum by Adorage MD

These products address three separate but cumulative events: chronological aging, environmental aging and hormonal aging. The beauty of Soy and a salad of other botanicals from a Secret Recipe from 19 century, Province, France blended with Glycolic acid and other active ingredients in one of the most luxury and innovative Skin care lines ?in AdorAgeMD, developed For the Skin You Will Adore at any Age. When women enter the perimenopausal phase of their lives in their early to mid 30ies, this period is marked by a significant drop in estrogen production.

The skin collagen, elastin and glycosaminglycans levels break down, causing sagging, wrinkling and loss of elasticity. This loss of estrogen also leads to thinning of the skin, decreasing its protective and immune barrier ability. Women also see acne breakouts, skin pigmentation, dryness of skin and facial hair growth. But the last clinical studies on Hormone Replacement Therapy(HRT) advise women to stop it. Why not to use natural plant-based estrogen applying it on the skin, if it was used by centuries, and came to us from old recipes like the Secret Formula of the French actress of the 60-ies Delphine Vouler, who received this old recipe from her grandmother, and she had received it in 19 century from Province pharmacist Henri Coullet, and had skin that the entire town marveled at. This Secret recipe contained a salad of botanicals that help keep skin timelessly beautiful.

AdorageMD used this old recipe in its Antistress Serum and Antistress cream, fusing botanical extracts with the moist innovative science based ingredients. Soya, Genistein and Soya's germs extract have natural estrogenous capabilities, antioxidant activity, strength the capillary walls, help collagen stimulation, help the delivery of other biologically active ingredients through the skin, smooth the skin, make it more subtle. Soybeans also contain Linoleic acid-the essential fatty acid which the body doesn't produce, and lack of it reduces skin rejuvenation, can result in acne, skin allergies and eczema. Numerous clinical studies have shown that natural botanical estrogen helps to preserve the skin's collagen synthesis, and adds to the maintenance of skin thickness. Soy also improves skin hydration, smoothness and firmness, so correcting the effects of diminishing hormones on the skin. These products also increase the skin's capacity to recovery, thus complimenting the cosmetic dermatology procedures and prepare skin for plastic surgery.

The skin becomes "autonomous" ( isolated) during the first weeks after surgery or deep laser treatment. Antistress cream and serum together with other AdorAge Md producrts diminish the action of inflammation, bruising and gives a patient a comfort she or he needs. It also increase and normalizes microvascularisation and stimulate fibroblast synthesis.

Other botanicals are Wild Yam extract, Mulberry extract, Sunflower extract, Thyme extract, Jojoba extract, Shea tree extract and etc.( Applying routinely AdorAge MD products you will get the Skin you will Adore at any Age.

Try AdorageMD 30% Powerful Arnica Gel - you have nothing to loose than your bruises , scars , swelling and pain.

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