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Where Do Breast Implants Go

People don't really think to ask where your breast implant is going to be placed, because they figure it is just going to be placed on your chest. Like everything dealing with the body it is a complex question that has more than one answer. To be specific you can place your breast implant in four different locations.

Subglandular, subfascial, subpectoral, and submuscular are all foreign medical terminology for now, but if you are interested in getting your breast augmented these are words you should know. If your doctor tells you that he prefers the placement of the implant to be subglandular, then that means it will be underneath the breast tissue but above the pectoral muscles. The subglandular placement results in a more likeness to real breast tissue. Many specialists consider that its aesthetics are superior to the three other positions. Unfortunately if patients have thin soft-tissue coverage then it is very likely that ripples and wrinkles of the underlying implant will be visible.

The subglandular implant location is also more susceptible to distortion of the implant capsule. This location may be inappropriate for women who smoke and/ or have had multiple breast surgeries, because they are more at risk for capsule formation. This is something to consider when your doctor is telling you his course of action for the procedure. The subfascial situation of the implant is subglandular but it is underneath the fascia of the pectoral muscle.

A fascia is a sheet of tissue that binds together body structures. The benefit of the technique is that the implant will be held in position by the fascial sheet. The subpectoral or "dual plane" placement of a breast implant is located underneath the pectoralis major muscle which is achieved after releasing the inferior muscular attachments. This technique is popular in North America, and it is leave the implant half covered and half exposed. The top half achieves maximal coverage while the lower portion is exposed.

This can cause the movement of what doctors will refer to as the subpectoral plane to be excessive for some patients. There is also the submuscular positioning of the implant. The implant would be placed below pectoralis without release of the inferior origin.

If your doctor releases the lateral chest wall muscles and sews it to the pectoralis major total muscular coverage will be achieved. This technique is mostly used for reconstructive surgeries though. Those are all of the four possible locations that your doctor can place your implants. Each has their positive and negative points as well as their own purpose.

This is good information to take in with you when you have your consultation. Don't be afraid to ask your doctor questions. If he says he'd like to go about it a certain way ask him why and if you don't understand then ask him to clarify. Having your breast augmented can have a positive affect in you life and how you view yourself, but make sure to get a doctor that is certified by the board to perform the procedure. Getting breast implants maybe common and considerably safe, but it is still surgery so take all of the precautions necessary.

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