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Understanding the Design Tattoo

Now more than ever, there is a fascination with design tattoos. They are rapidly becoming more and more popular. A design tattoo expresses your creativity, an in-depth look at your personality and who you really are, or possibly your interests. In decades before, a simple tattoo of a rose or skull were considered cool. However, today a trendy tattoo is the design tattoo. It used to be the mainstream to have those places on your upper arm or other basic areas, but as time moves on people are having tattoos etched into all parts of the body, even eyelids! There are a lot of people who go through most of their life and never get a tattoo, then when they are older they suddenly decide to take that step.

These people have a lot of experience with life and generally will choose a design tattoo that has layers of meaning to it. Those people who do jump in with both feet and get a permanent tattoo can be boiled down into two basic groups. The first group of people who get tattoos do so because it is persona.

It symbolizes something and has a very special meaning. The others who get them only do so because it is the cool thing to do and everyone around them seems to already have one. Tattooing can have a wide variety of usage and meanings.

For instance, it is considered a very well known art that is part of religious ceremony and tradition. Japan is known to draw tattoos inspired by paintings and art; these Japanese design tattoos using symbols have steadily been gaining popularity. Although they are all beautiful pieces of work, it is important to understand the true meaning of the tattoo because it is going to be a part of you forever. A tattoo is much more than just something to get because they are popular. If you choose to get one, hopefully it has inspiration to you and a special meaning.

Tattooing is definitely a true art form. My inspiration for this article was an article I wrote for the Modern Men Magazine mentioned in the Author field.

The author Vincent Sparreboom is a Dutch Problogger and writes among others for The World of Office, XP and Vista Tips and Tricks and more info about this article can be found in his Angel, Koi and Chinese Symbol Tattoo article in our Modern Men Magazine The World of Modern Men.

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