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Fashion Tips - Choosing the Right Swimsuit or Bikini

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Choosing the Right Swimsuit or Bikini for Every Occasion
by Vanessa Lausch

Most women own at least a couple of swimsuits or bikinis. Some of these swimsuits may be old, comfortable favorites, while some may be trendy and new for the summer season. Doubtlessly, some of the swimsuits are more modest; others are sexier and flashier. With all of the choices that most women seem to have in their swimsuit wardrobe, choosing the right swimsuit for every occasion can become quite a daunting task. Swimsuits are designed and intended for a wide variety of purposes and activities, from swimming laps to attracting men at the beach. With all of these different swimsuits to choose from, it can become quite difficult to select the most appropriate swimsuit for the occasion. In the following paragraphs, you will find a brief guide to several of the most common swimsuit-wearing activities or outings, along with a recommended swimsuit style and color for that activity or occasion.

Serious Swimming: Of course, almost every woman knows that a sexy, skimpy bikini is hardly the best choice for swimming laps. No matter how much spandex is contained in that small amount of material, it is not likely to stay put and remain comfortable for serious swimming. However, swimming laps at the local pool or gym does not have to merit your drabbest or most boring swimsuit. For a good fit and look while swimming laps, try a one-piece swimsuit with a polyester blend. A polyester-blend swimsuit should stay put and go the distance with you. Vertical stripes down both sides of the suit can help define the waist and add a little style to your swimsuit. While white is probably not the best color choice for lap swimming (it has a tendency to show through), almost any other color is appropriate for this activity. Feel free to indulge you inner sense of style and fashion when choosing a swimsuit color for serious swimming activities. To test the comfort and fabric flexibility in your swimsuit, be sure to circle the arms and rotate the shoulders in the dressing room.

Beach Volleyball: Beach sports like volleyball or Frisbee require a swimsuit that will stay in place during extreme amounts of bodily movement, similar to lap swimming. However, being on the beach where hundreds of people are likely to view your swimsuit or bikini also requires a sexier, more attractive swimsuit than lap swimming would warrant. In this way, beach volleyball and other beach sports pose a rather challenging problem for swimsuit selection. The best bikini option for beach sports is a halter top with a tie front and back paired with either short boy shorts or brief-style bikini bottoms that sit on the hips. This type of bikini won’t gap or give, whether you are spiking a ball or diving for a dig. It will also retain a sense of beach-style sexiness. As far as color is concerned, the sky is the limit on appropriate colors for beach sports. Try some fun tropical prints or sporty stripes to indulge in summer style.

Country Club Visit: Every so often, an occasion such as a visit to the local country club requires a more sophisticated swimsuit look. A general rule to follow with country club lounging is: if a membership card is required, a chic and classic swimsuit style is also required. While swimsuits no longer need to be prim and proper in order to be appropriate for country club display, they do need to be somewhat more tasteful and modest than the suit you would typically wear on the beach. To achieve a tasteful sexiness at the country club, try a bandeau-style bikini or a one-shouldered maillot. Feel free to try floral prints, cheerful colors, and stripes, but stay away from bright neon or shiny metallic swimsuits. If you feel the need to wear a white swimsuit, make sure it is double or even triple lined to ensure modesty and opaqueness. A country club visit does not need to be an extreme show of propriety, but your swimsuit should be tasteful and classic.

Yacht Party: For a party out on the boss’s yacht, country club rules generally apply. It is likely that you will not be doing much swimming in your swimsuit; so feel free to experiment with the newest trends in swimsuit fashion. You will want to maintain a tasteful look (depending upon the company of the yacht), but you can still indulge in some trendy, new looks. The latest swimsuits designed for lounging include one-pieces with revealing cutouts or plunging necklines. While these swimsuits are not designed for serious swimming, they can get wet. In other words, you should not worry if your ice cubes drip a little. For the yacht, you should generally choose understated colors or a simple black and white bikini combination. This look is fresh and sassy, and wearing the white up top is flattering for the figure. Be sure to remember a cover-up or sarong in case it gets windy out on the boat.

Backyard Barbecue: For the summer fun of a backyard barbecue, anything goes as far as swimsuit choice. It is likely that you will be surrounded by family and friends, so feel free to indulge in your own personal style with bright colors and fun prints from the latest trends. However, depending upon the guests at your backyard barbecue, you may want to show some restraint in your swimsuit or bikini choice. If there will be children at the party, be sure to wear something tasteful and fun, such as a cute, ruched tankini. It goes without saying that, if you have invited your future in-laws, you may not want to wear your newest thong bikini. Nevertheless, a backyard barbecue or neighborhood get-together is one of the most casual occasions that require a swimsuit. You should use this time to indulge in any swimsuit style you choose.

Beachcombing: If you are planning a visit to the beach to do some serious lounging and relaxing, feel free to bring along your skimpiest swimsuit or bikini. The beach is the perfect location to show off that sexy string or thong bikini you have been dying to wear all winter. To get the pipeline perfect style in terms of color, try pairing boy shorts or briefs and a halter-top in a Hawaiian motif. If you want to add a little more modern funk to your style, try a floral-and-stripe combination in your bikini. Or, if your beach visit requires a little more sophistication, try a one-piece suit in a floral print or a mellow lime color. Regardless of what you bring, be sure to embrace the beach as the prime location for relaxation and style exhibition.

Cruise: If you are headed out on a romantic or fun cruise in the near future, it is likely that you will be packing several swimsuits to bring along. You may want to use a combination of styles and colors from the occasions listed above. There will likely be plenty of opportunities for lounging by the poolside in a skimpy bikini or one-piece swimsuit with cutouts. You may also be able to do some lap swimming in the on-board pool. Also, there may be some opportunities for beach visits in fun Hawaiian print suits. For a cruise, you may just want to bring the entire swimsuit wardrobe along and use your best discretion for choosing among the options for the best swimsuit for each outing. In fact, a cruise just may be the perfect opportunity to practice your newly acquired skills in choosing the most appropriate swimsuit or bikini for every outing.

About the Author

Vanessa Lausch is a technical writer for More Swimsuits ( an online swimsuit store.