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Silk ScarvesA White Silk Aviator ScarfLeather Helmet and Goggles

The year is 1918. You're in your World War I biwing fighter plane and about to dogfight 3 German fighter planes over the battlefields of France. You have your leather helmet and googles on and of course.your white silk aviator scarf. It's blowing in the wind. trailing behind.

As you turn towards the Germans. Ok, that senario might not mean much to you what with fighting and war and all that stuff. But, you have to admit there's one item in the above picture you might be interested in.

the white aviator scarf. Yes, its true, any white garment about 6 feet long and 14" wide could be considered a "white silk aviator scarf". But, just think what a wonderful gift one of those "white" accessories would make for a man for almost any occasion. birthday's, Father's Day, Christmas or any time at all.

Have you ever watched a church choir sing? Notice the color of scarves they use? Yes, you guessed it.the long white (aviator?) accessory. Of course, I've been mainly talking about the white color but you can choose a man's scarf from a wide variety of available choices. They come in a hue of colors, prints, designs, and fabric quality.

Each of them is unique and represents the history, culture, and artistry of the region it came from. A silk scarf is normally in pleasant colors with many innovative motifs and designs like geometric, floral, animal, or abstract paintings. Additionally, beaded or hand-stitched edges add to the look and elegance of the scarf. Mens scarves can be made of silk, cashmere or almost any material.

It can be hand painted or beaded, embroidered or made from a simple pattern out of cotton. Cashmere add's an international flair to these with their exquisite designs and qualities. Cashmere is very warm, heavy, and luxurious. The fiber used in cashmere is from the Himalayan goat.

The best and highest quality cashmere garments are hand woven as the fragile wool cannot bear the spinning by machine. One excellent country to find skilled scarf and shawl artisans are in India. Here they display their artistic fervor with each men's scarf they make.

Often times, they will use paintings to depict their folklore and show off their articulate brushwork. Sequin men's garments come in varied designs.examples are the Jamawar sequin, Floral sequin, Jaquard sequin, or braided also. If you don't know what a sequin is, its a small star-like addition to the design on the scarf. Sequin men's scarves are very popular with young boys as it gels well with all types of their "in" garments.

Similarly, some men like beaded scarves as they add to the style and elegance of most any outfit. Different colored beads in various shapes and sizes are sometimes used.

Fashion Scarves and know scarves, shawls and fashion accessories. Start with a gorgeous pashmina add a beautiful shawl pin for that special night out.

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