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deciding on a facelift

One of the most widely known procedures in the world of plastic surgery is the procedure commonly known as the facelift. Performed on both women and men - a unique idea in plastic surgery - this procedure gains in popularity year after year due to its anti-aging effects. Ever since the facelift was invented in the early 20th century by surgeon Eugene Hollister, people have been wanting to have this procedure to change the way that they look and erase years off of their faces.

The popularity of the facelift keeps growing, along with that of breast augmentation and liposuction. While most people think of facelifts as being only for females, many men also look into getting facelifts to erase years of aging off of their faces as well. Both sexes want to look younger by going under the knife - which today can mean endoscopy, with smaller incisions than a regular facelift. Without endoscopy, the typical facelift is a standard incision facelift.

This uses a lengthy incision around the ears and hairline, which can be used to peel back the skin and pull up excess tissues and connective matter and make them taut, removing wrinkles from the skin. Newer procedures do essentially the same thing, although the cuts are smaller and less noticeable. They may still be placed along the hairline, but the doctor may use smaller incisions just so he or she can place instruments under the skin and pull the tissues taut with endoscopic technique. A facelift is serious business - and is considered to be a major surgery by most if not all doctors. It must be performed outside the office in a hospital, or at the very least in a surgery center. A facelift will require a patient to be under general anesthesia for the duration of the procedure.

Recovery times for facelifts vary on the patient, the type of facelift and the amount of time that the surgery itself took. Each surgery is different, and each recovery time is different. Some people might spring right up form their surgery while others may take a long time to deal with the facelift. A facelift is considered the final resort in the treatment of aging, so think carefully before deciding on this step to erase your wrinkles. There are other, less invasive treatments for aging out there - so talk to your doctor before making any decisions about surgery in general.

Aazdak Alisimo writes about plastic surgery issues for, where you can locate a plastic surgeon in your city.

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