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Ascot The New Guidelines

Royal Ascot is consider as deep rooted, very British traditions that separate us from other europeannations. The formal nature of Royal Ascot displays just what it means of having our Royals out and about in action amongst the ordinary people . The international news coverage of the entrances by carriage, remarks about who's wearing what, hats of course, and a general air of sophistication and well mannered nature that covers the real purpose, which is of course having a bet. The Royals add an inevitably dignified edge to the proceeding and are as a whole, heavily concerned with the equine world. At Royal Ascot however, the Royals are more significant in that they affect certain aspects of the day with a strong bearing on the sense of style.

The Royal Family are not regarded as trend setters especially within the world of fashion but Royal Ascot is their time to show the world that they still have everything of their regal and distinguished behaviour. James Sherwood, a well known style expert remarked about Her Royal Highness The Queen, `In the last 10 years the queen has blossomed and looks both happy and glorious. This is largely due to her dresser Angela Kelly and younger designers such as Stewart Parvin.

As Miuccia Prada recently said, the Queen is simply the most elegant woman on the planet.` James comments as part of the BBC team at Royal Ascot and explained `It is the public who try to dress dreadfully to get on the telly who I usually have the sternest words for.` As the event is televised there are many words of advice from all fashion guru's that to choose your clothing for Royal Ascot is all about adhering to those all important rules. The new guidelines are a testimony to the anti-'WAG' sentiment and to up hold the sense of occasion. For women any strapless, halter necked, spaghetti strapped necklines are not allowed.

All stomach area's must be covered and trousers must be to the floor and if at all possible part of a trouser suit. Skirts or dress hem lines must be no more than two inches above the knee and bare legs are considered inappropriate. Females must be dressed in a hat or "substantial fascinators.

" The guide also warns against streaky tan lines, chewing gum, using mobile phones and remarks that pants are essential but we have no need to see them. Her Majesty opted for pastels as did the Duchess of Cornwall, Princess Anne, The Countess of Wessex and a few other minor royals. However, much was made of the younger female Royals in particular Zara Phillips who had been noted as a rebel in the past appeared to be incredibly stylish and elegant in her 50's inspired ensemble. It was Princess Eugenie's hem line that raised more than a few eyebrows as it could be considered slightly short for the occasion and possibly more than two inch above the knee, but the Royal Ascot spokesperson claimed to not have seen the dress in question and claimed "As long as it is not a miniskirt and is in keeping with the rest of the outfit then the wearer would be allowed into the Royal Enclosure.".

Chelsea is a part-time journalist, writing intermittent pieces on Anything Equine, who specialise in a range of equestrian clothing and saddles.

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